Pre-Game Warm Up

So I’ve got this interview today for the podcast “What Women Want Talk Radio” hosted by Judy Goss (big thanks & shout out to author and PR guru T. Murray for the opportunity). The topic is “The Flip Side of Acting.” And aw man…there sure is a flip side alright!! Lol Well my challenge in the interview is to be honest but not jaded, real yet stay optimistic. I will never forget first moving to LA and expressing my initial excitement, fire and joy only to be shut down by the “veteran” actor who told me to hold my horses and take it easy.

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Let’s try this again…

First time I tried this blog thing was a few years back. They say your real journey in Hollywood begins after you’ve been in the game for ten years. Well I hit my ten year mark a couple years ago & decided to start a blog to capture this process. Not even a full week after I set it all up, I got the call to play “Social Worker Janet” on Grey’s Anatomy. It worked!! Ten years in & I finally got my big break!! Or so I thought…

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